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If one of your all time dreams is to surf and you´re a beginner or intermediate, don´t worry, this activity has been tailored specially for you. This experience which you will cherish for the rest of your life takes place on the beautiful beaches of Mazatlan.

Join us on our unique adventure.

Discover Mazatlan in the funnest way, with the four winds behind your back and an an amazing 360 degree experience on board the FUNBUS, the only topless double deck bus.

Enjoy a 4 hour private boat ride along the Beaches of Mazatlan. Your Playa Sol Tours captain will welcome you with an ice chest ready to fill with your supply of favorite drinks.

Discover Mazatlan in a brand new, fun and filled with adrenaline way by driving your very own ¨YAMAHA Rhino¨,  ¨Polaris Ranger¨ or  ¨Honda Big Red ¨ UTV (Utility Task Vehicle).

During your Mazatlan stay, you cannot miss out on this beautiful colonial route on the way to Western ¨Madre ¨ Sierra, paying a visit to the mining town of Copala.

Mexico is well known for its haciendas and beautiful towns. Discover just 40 mins north of Mazatlan the picturesque town of  ¨El Quelite ¨. Thanks to its cobbled stone roads, architecture and traditions, it has been named ¨The Magical Town of El Quelite¨.

Located in a mountainous paradise surrounded by a combination of jungle and arid desert scenarios, this place and its diverse wildlife make it the perfect setting for an adventure.

All aboard!! Embark a trimaran from the Mazatlan Marina, the most recent tourist zone creation in the port, to start your tour through the whole bay North to South passing by sea lion rock and various rock formations in the front of the bay

A tropical paradise located in the southern area of Mazatlan. Our staff will pick you up at any hotel you´re staying at and take you to the pier of Rock Island to embark your vessel.

Enjoy an incredible adventure with your party, starting from the old part of Mazatlan heading towards deep seas on our fully equipped vessels for an unforgettable morning of fishing.

Are you a lover of nature, birds, mangroves and jungles? On this excursion you will be taken to the Rock island port. You will board a speed boat with special features that will allow you to explore the mangrove area.

Need transportation from the airport to your hotel? Maybe you´d like a private car with your own personal driver for a special occasion? Or maybe even logistics and transportation for an entire convention for 100 up to 4000 attendants? We are experts in the field, allow us to assist you.

With Playa Sol Tours, you can ¨carpool¨ with other passengers that have the same schedule and route as you.

Playa Sol Tours is your best option to transport parties arriving at the airport and from your hotel.

Trust your private transportation needs to us at Playa Sol Tours.

Private service means that a vehicle will be assigned exclusively to you and your party

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